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A Beginner’s Guide to the Bordeaux Region

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Bordeaux Region

The Bordeaux region in France is home to some of the most sought wines in the world.  Many know this wine estate capital as the place ‘next to the waters’ that surrounds the Gironde Estuary and the branching rivers of Dordogne and Garonne.  This heart of the Bordeaux wine region yields an assortment of diverse and prominent wines from the red to the white.

However, it is the Bordeaux reds that are said to be of the highest caliber and quality as classified by some of the most practiced wine connoisseurs.

This extraordinary region holds an adventure for any wine connoisseur, so with a swirl of the glass, let the tasting begin!

The Perfect Châteaux

Enhanced through generations of vintages and the ideal viticulture conditions, the Bordeaux region has risen to its high-status home of the most desired and expensive wines of the era.  The Bordealais or the local people of the wine region definitely have experience at their side.  With nearly 2,000 years of wine crafting, the subtle tastes have been mastered through adaptation.

Over centuries of practice, the Bordealais have come to distinguish which varieties of grapes work best with the local soil.  For this reason, the vineyards produce some of the finest quality wines in the world.  Now the wine region of Bordeaux flourishes with over 7,000 châteaux that produce an array of decadent wines.  Among these historic wine estates exists a haven of the longest-lived and most popular wines in France.

The Beautiful Reds

The Bordeaux legacy is truly found in its most exquisite reds from Merlot to Cabernet Sauvignon.  Three out of every four wines of the Bordeaux region are crafted from red-grapes.  Along the left bank of Gironde, there is a concentration of mostly red wines in the châteaux.

These wines of the Bordeaux Blend are typically made by mixing varieties of red and black grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.  The purple Malbec and traces of Petit Verdot and Carmenere are also sometimes found in Bordeaux wines.  Soft Merlots can be sought on the right bank of Gironde with fleshy undertones of red-grape.

The Luscious Whites

But for those that enjoy the bitter or sweet delights of fine white wine, the Graves area of the Bordeaux region hosts a variety of options.  The Graves region holds many white wines that are dry in taste with the sweetest hints and additions made with Muscadelle grapes from Barsac and Sauternes.

Many of the red wines of the Graves region are often quite textured in their early days.  In time, the subtle hints and roasted notes seem to seep from the glass of a luscious bouquet.  With such an outstanding assortment of options, the Bordeaux region makes for a fantastic getaway into the flavors of fine French wines.

Savor the tastes of the most delicious wines out of France, and return with a bottle of the best Bordeaux for the cellar.




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