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Nhà " Tại sao pricewines.com?

Tại sao pricewines.com?


PriceWines.com was created for buyers like you and me to modernize the way people choose wines. Wine is supposed to be fun, simple and available to all.


We will not offer you 1000 different types of wines to choose from–instead we will narrow it down to few bottles of a wide variety to suit the vast variety of consumer’s tastes.

All of our wines come from the top wine producers in the world which are currently being sold and approved for consumption in over 100 countries. We do not buy from small vineries where the wines may or may not be fit for consumption. All wines in our wine selections are currently in stock and regularly updated with new selections. We guarantee that we never sell something we have not tried or don’t have.



Thông tin rượu

Our professionally selected wines contain information about the wine brand, winery, wine tasting notes, food pairing notes, certified wine ratings & awards. All our wine information is easily accessible and easy to understand.

Rượu vang tìm kiếm dễ dàng hơn

With the advancement of technology it is easy to search our wine database using our drop down search by category, by price, by rating, by varietals and many more options in order to choose the best wine for you.

Đảm bảo mức giá tốt nhất

We offer the best prices for the quality and brand name of our wines. Why spend so much money and time on a bottle of wine at local retailers when you can choose from a wide variety online.

Hàng tồn kho thời gian thực

We have real-time inventory stock control: This means that when you inquire about a bottle online; we guarantee the bottle you inquire about is actually available and will be delivered at your chosen time. There will be no more surprises of out-of-stock items.

Delivery fast – at your doorstep

We offer same-day delivery for all orders placed before 4pm on a given day. We do next-day delivery services for all order placed after 4pm. Ability to choose your delivery date & time accordingly up to 1month when the order is placed.

Miễn phí vận chuyển

Take advantage of our free-shipping, no-charge policy for nationwide deliveries in Vietnam. We are able to ship to all major cities in Vietnam (Danang, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City) and most neighboring accessible areas.

Our export prices are C&F to your selected destination.

Dịch vụ cá nhân

Who says you still can’t get great service? We offer satisfaction guarantee for all Wines purchased through PriceWines.com. From choosing the wines, to best prices, to delivery, and even free gift-wrapping services. All our employees are expert wine geeks- we love our wines and are happy to assist you in choosing your wines.

Sự hài lòng được đảm bảo

We are proud of our wine selection and are confident you will be satisfied with our products. If for whatever reason your wine arrives damaged or spoiled we will replace it free of charge. Our customer support hotline is available to assist your needs 24/7

Cảm ơn bạn đã dành thời gian đến thăm www.PriceWines.com

We hope to be your premier destination for wines.


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